Telemedicine: Local Clinician - Virtual Physician

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 The Wichita ALS Telemedicine Clinic is a combination of a telehealth visit and a comprehensive in-person multidisciplinary team. Collaboration is the key to success of the Wichita clinic.

At the beginning of each clinic, the local team, which includes physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapist and social worker meets prior to seeing the patients to develop individualized care plans. Then the local team conferences with an Neurologist and nurse case manager specializing in ALS treatment and care via a secure telemedicine program.

Each patient receives their individual hands-on assessment with each of the professionals, and then conferences with the Neurologist and clinic nurse coordinator, both located remotely in Kansas City. Finally, the Neurologist completes his exam. In all, the clinic visit takes between three to four hours to complete.

The Wichita clinic meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month at the KU Center for Healthcare; 8533 E. 32 St. North, Wichita, KS 67226. 

The Wichita TeleClinic received The ALS Association's national Innovation Award which recognizes trailblazing chapters who are actively developing and implementing new ideas and/or methods in the delivery of our mission priorities. The spirit of this award is one of collaboration, sustainability, and measurable impact.

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