Living Life Passionately With ALS

Randy IvesRandy Ives is a passionate man. Passionate about his family, his job and about making a difference in the lives of others. “I’m a fighter. Always have been. No is not an answer – instead I say let’s see if we can make a change and make things better for people.”

So, when he got the confirmation that the arm weakness and the incessant tremors in his back were symptoms of ALS, he says “it was a sad day.” Then true to his nature he started looking for answers, looking for hope and he started making a difference.

Randy was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in May, 2018. He had spent some time on the internet looking at a possible diagnosis that would explain why he could no longer lift a gallon of milk off the shelf, and why his wife would tell him his back never stopped twitching all night long – even while he slept. He had an idea it was ALS.

Randy was aware of the Ice Bucket Challenge but did not take part in it. He knew it raised millions of dollars, but otherwise did not pay much attention to it. He was busy helping get the ethanol industry moving, working to help people across the Midwest be successful. Those people have now come to his side and pledged both financially and emotionally to help.

Rock N Roll Randy had a team in the 2018 Omaha Walk to Defeat ALS and raised over $17,000. He recalls “we started really late last year. We only asked family and friends; we did ok.” He and his team decided this year, they would go really big.

“People from all around the Midwest are coming to walk. We have received donations from all over the US and Canada.” He recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Coalition for Ethanol, and at that meeting, he has asked everyone to honor his lifetime achievement by donating to his fundraising efforts. People have not just said yes to his request. They have said absolutely, yes.

Randy says “Financially if people can afford to give, there is a deep need. It’s going to take a bunch of people. One person is great, but if that one person can bring another person, then we can make a difference.” And making a difference is something he has always been passionate about.